Australia Belongs to Us

The above video was produced by the Australia Day Council which appears to be a government funded organisation. The Federal Government in Australia has apparently been led by “conservatives” since 2013 and yet the above video was produced with them in office. Now I don’t actually expect conservative governments to do anything to preserve our national culture and heritage and I haven’t for quite a while now but it is important to point this out. That is for anyone is still clinging to the idea that the Liberal party or any prominent voices on the Right will do a thing to oppose the methodical destruction of our nation and culture. In fact, I don’t believe if Labor had been in power for the last seven years that anything would be substantially different. 

If it isn’t obvious what’s wrong with the video then I shall explain. 

The first thing to make clear is the people who produced this video knew exactly what they were doing and it was calculated to include things that would make a large segment of the population bristle. Yet most people will be reluctant to voice their discomfort because Australians have been cowed into avoiding or sharing any sentiment that would get them called names and now increasingly will put them at risk of much worse. 

The truth is that most of the people seen in the video are not Australians. While Australians might have come to accept Germans, Greeks, Italians and a number of people from other European nations, Australians are descended from the British. This was the case long before the post-war influx and especially before the massive increase in immigration from non-European countries since the 1970s. Even though they have the piece of paper and the legal rights, they clearly haven’t abandoned their own culture and now state propaganda encourages them not to. Australia was not built by, nor in any way improved by the migrants that have arrived in the last fifty years. It is increasingly obvious this has had an overall negative affect on the nation. As the video unintentionally indicates, it is the White Australians doing all the work and maintaining our nation and culture. Art imitates life.

In writing the above people are quick to assume that I must hate people from other nations but this is simply not the case. I just see the obvious and refuse to pretend that people of different nations and creeds can live together in any social harmony without force. The claims that Australia has been a multicultural success story are at best premature and a utter falsehood to anyone in a lower income bracket competing for jobs and property these days. 

The video also includes two perverted women with a child.  Those who still accept reality know that only one can be the biological parent. The father, whether by choice, deception or force — is excluded. Do also observe that they generally show attractive looking women in sodomite propaganda which is generally the opposite of reality.  This is the most recent lie forced on our nation and it only has widespread support today because of the relentless media propaganda dating back at least to the early 1990s. As late as 1997, Tasmania still had laws criminalising homosexuality and yet we are supposed to believe that less than a quarter of a century later it is part of our national character? If only we could tell that to the Anzacs and save a few hundred thousand lives from senseless destruction.  

I’ve written before that Australia has diluted its culture because people have retreated through a mixture of force and cowardice to safe empty platitudes about “mateship” and a “fair go”. This retreat by both our cultural elite and Australians in general has only encouraged the rot further. And to the people pushing this, nothing will ever be enough. 

A recent example was discussed by Adam Piggott who wrote about the newly invented ancient tradition of the “Welcome to Country” ceremony grift now forced on most public gatherings.

I echo his sentiments completely and was in disbelief when it was allowed by my Archbishop before a Mass a few years ago. To his credit, he didn’t look any more pleased than I was but he still shouldn’t have allowed it in the first place. Like Piggott, I was living outside the country before this suddenly became a tradition and surprised to see it widely practiced on my return. I do not acknowledge the traditional owners or recognise them having authority to the nation my ancestors helped build. Australia as it is today was not built by Aboriginals at all. More had been built by the end of January, 1788 than had been in however many thousands of years the Aboriginals lived here before that. When I was growing up it was 40,000 years which has now (I assume arbitrarily), been increased by another ten or twenty thousand. The longer they extend it, the more stark the differences look compared to the almost 250 years of British settlement. A photograph of Sydney Cove in 1787 wouldn’t look much different to one taken in 2000 B.C. unless you count coastal erosion and bushfires as achievements. 

Again, (for what it’s worth), this doesn’t mean I “hate” Aborigines. I am at my very worst indifferent and generally sympathetic. I do however think very little of the self-loathing whites and the fair-skinned “Aborigines” who do most of the agitation on this issue. They will never admit it, but none of this activism will benefit the remnant of Aborigines and I would argue their misguided policies have done more damage than British settlement ever did. I’m also well aware that they aren’t operating in good faith. The real reason behind it is to undermine Australia as it is and remake it in a way that suits people who won’t be any more sympathetic once they’ve got their way. I don’t see any Marxism present in traditional Aboriginal culture but it is plain as day in modern Aboriginal activism. I would take them a lot more seriously if they stopped culturally appropriating failed European political philosophy.  

The last gripe I will cover is the recent decision by our Cuckminister Scott Morrison to change a couple of words in our terrible National Anthem that we’ve only had since 1984. This comes back to the sheer stupidity of the nominally “conservative” to think small empty gestures will appease these people. “Young and free” being changed to “one and free” is changing something that is arguably true to something that is not true at all. Our nation is still relatively young but after last year, we clearly aren’t very free anymore. We are definitely not “one and free” because even British-descended Australians are increasingly divided politically without involving the more recent imports. 

Today is Australia Day and I will still call it that whether it is changed or not. I will not apologise for my nation nor try to appease those who seek to destroy it. 

Happy Australia Day!


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