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The Fake Rebels of the Music Industry

It seems almost inevitable as a teenager growing up in the times we live that you would be heavily into music. For whatever reason, music has long been important to the identity of teenagers and the kind of music you … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Video Game Music Challenge

Game Sack covered this on the most recent episode and since I’m particularly fond of video game music, I thought I’d join in too. I’m not on Twitter or any social media and I usually avoid low-effort content here so … Continue reading

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Friday Castle Jukebox – Mega Music

This article was originally published at I did a lot of these but as they are mostly just posting YouTube videos, I didn’t want to go through and save all of them. This was my first and one of my … Continue reading

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Now Back to the Good Part

Something that has always bothered me about rap music is the way they sample entire choruses or verses from songs and rap in between the repeats. These are often with popular songs – especially previous hits. This is also a … Continue reading

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