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Ties That Bind & Ideology That Blinds

Or why culture matters and communism doesn’t work reason #145849 After musing on the state of certain cultures around the world recently, I noticed one big problem that keeps them poor, dysfunctional or both. Without naming any specifically, it is … Continue reading

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In Support of Milo

I don’t really have much to say here, only to make it clear that I’m not throwing Milo Yiannopoulos under the proverbial bus, in the proverbial gulag or disavowing him in any way. Milo was one of the first journalists … Continue reading

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We Wuz the Aerospace Industry

I listened to an episode of the Daily Shoah from last week which had Greg Johnson from Counter-Currents and Paul Kersey (who writes at VDARE), on as guests. Part of the discussion focused on a film I had not heard of … Continue reading

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Telling the Truth & Winning Arguments

Something I’ve been encouraged to consider recently is whether being right or being honest is more important. Now these two things should be the same thing but that’s not the world we live in now; if it ever has been. … Continue reading

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In limited defence of Tony Abbott

The recent news surrounding President Donald Trump’s phone conversation with our own cuck-in-chief, Malcolm Turnbull got me thinking about a post I had intended to write about Tony Abbott. Before I do I’d like to publically share my distaste for Malcolm … Continue reading

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