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No STD for Straight Men

Whether or not you consider sodomy a sin, there is still a widespread and healthy disgust that exists — particularly towards male sodomites. Now of course, this is seldom spoken aloud anymore but it is still there. How do I … Continue reading

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Health and Skin in the Game

At the time of writing this I have no serious medical or psychological conditions. Apart from attention deficit disorder in primary school, I have never been diagnosed with or suspected of having a mental condition. I take no medication regularly … Continue reading

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Thinking and Submitting

One of the most impressive coups the elites have pulled over the last few decades is making people think they’re intelligent simply for submitting to authority. This can be seen in the realms of politics and society but more notably … Continue reading

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Hopeful & Hopeless

I have been meaning to come back to this post for well over a year and the current scare going on (as of writing), has put me in mind to finally finish it. Unfortunately the time between reading these two … Continue reading

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IQ and Ability

I have been interested in IQ for quite a few years now – especially due to its relevance in the forbidden topic of race. I was curious about discovering my own IQ as a result of this interest. The easiest … Continue reading

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We Wuz the Aerospace Industry

I listened to an episode of the Daily Shoah from last week which had Greg Johnson from Counter-Currents and Paul Kersey (who writes at VDARE), on as guests. Part of the discussion focused on a film I had not heard of … Continue reading

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Rabbits and Wolves

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative Federalist Publications, July 17th, 2014 I have had this book recommended to me many times over the last few years and have heard the concepts within brought up on numerous occasions. It was good then … Continue reading

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The Vast and Vacuous

There’s a much shared (and incredibly large) image file showing how earth compares to surrounding planets, the sun and then how our sun is dwarfed by other stars. I remember years ago a principal at a school I used to … Continue reading

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