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A Religious Road Trip

American Pilgrim by Roosh Valizadeh Kings Media, February 16th, 2021 One of the earliest posts I wrote when I started this blog was a review of Roosh’s Free Speech Isn’t Free which chronicles his notorious speaking tour that sparked outrage … Continue reading

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Sober Eyes

This is similar to a topic I covered back in late 2020 about perceptions of reality but related to a different subject. That is alcohol which I freely admit I have had struggles with. In fact, I pledged to abstain … Continue reading

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Outer Space: A Fantasy Wallpaper

There are a lot of terms of different types of science fiction and fantasy and people can get quite pedantic about these different sub-genres and exactly how to define them. Off the top of my head there is cyberpunk, hard … Continue reading

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Singularity: Another Fascinating Failure

When thinking of a title for my post on Daikatana,  I decided on calling it a “fascinating failure” quite on my own. After having such a neat description come to mind, I couldn’t believe I could have been the first … Continue reading

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