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Thoughts on deleting Facebook

I joined Facebook ten years ago at a time when it had exploded in popularity across college campuses in the United States. While open to international universities, it had yet to see the same popularity overseas. It was the Spring … Continue reading

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Retro Flare – My first attempt at a novel.

I’ve set myself ten goals for 2016 which I won’t list here, but will review between Christmas and New Years Eve. Six of them, (the easiest), are going well. One of them needs time, another is beyond most people but … Continue reading

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Over & Underappreciated

I’ve considered myself something of an enemy of my own profession before I even became licensed to teach. I’ll allow that my cynical and contrary personality is partially blame; as well as my radical ideological departures with the majority of … Continue reading

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From a disaffected conservative

I grew up in a reasonably conservative household and I have personally held instinctively conservative positions most of my life. That’s not to say I held positions without reason, just that I had a strong preference for individualism, tradition and … Continue reading

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My repeated adventures with a bunch of unlikely Mercenaries

This was written roughly five years ago for an old blog and was before the more recent (as of writing) Jagged Alliance releases. These releases were underwhelming making the tone of the first paragraph just as relevant.   I think … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters Trailer: Oh dear…

The original Ghostbusters is to this day, one of my favourite films. As a child, I found everything from the occult, paranormal, the ghosts themselves as well as all the gadgets and gizmos fascinating. Peter Venkman also cursed and did … Continue reading

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Video Game Reviews and Articles

This is a master list of many (though not all) of the video game articles I have written over the years. I wrote, and Heroes of Play; three sites that are now long defunct. I also have written … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Heist Movies?

I wrote this quite a few years ago after watching a whole lot of Heist movies. I have republished it here because the original blog I posted it on was lost in a website upgrade. Heist movies generally have the … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 Movie Review

This was written shortly after seeing the film (in Japanese) and was originally published on a blog I stopped using around 2011. Toy Story 3 took so long to be announced that I actually gave up ever seeing it about … Continue reading

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In Defence of the Mortal Kombat Movie

The 1995 Mortal Kombat movie was the first movie based on a game that I ever saw in a cinema. At the time of its release, Mortal Kombat was one of my favourite games. My dad used to take my … Continue reading

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