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Influential but wrong.

Mike Cernovich has an excellent post showing who funds conservative pundits and a very enlightening look at how seriously one in particular takes his predictions. Many people make political predictions and I’ve personally been wrong plenty of times. But when … Continue reading

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Retro Flare – Chapter 1 Complete

I thought I would make an update on this as I have made some limited progress. I recently finished the first chapter which obviously introduces the characters and setting. I’m thinking thus far that I should limit it to a … Continue reading

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Addressing Racism & Terrorism

It is common and not at all unreasonable to talk of racism being largely a result of resentment and personal failures. We’ve been cultured, (again not unreasonably) to see racists as lower-class, poorly educated and with the resulting poor life … Continue reading

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No Revolution without Revolutionaries

The Conservative Revolution by Cory Bernardi Connor Court Publishing, November 1st, 2013 While I knew the name, I didn’t really know all that much about Cory Bernardi until an old friend and new leftist brought him up on social media … Continue reading

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Slapping the hand that votes

As I’ve cared for menagerie of pets and now have children, I’ve had plenty of direct experience with the idiom, “bite the hand that feeds you.” To be quite honest, I’ve done it myself. My purpose for rephrasing it in … Continue reading

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Immersed in Subversion Review

The biggest lesson to learn from the saga of ‘The Sarkeesian Effect’, is perhaps not the message within the documentary but a general lesson about people you should trust. With rare exceptions the lesson as told by Bernard Chapin: Never … Continue reading

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