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Seeing Black America – Part 1

The last two years have been especially turbulent with regards to race relations in the United States. I have written a couple of posts on aspects of this but never really anything much directly on the topic. What I write … Continue reading

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There is no Scooby-Doo Ending

Whatever the animation company, almost every cartoon on television I watched as a child had the same formula. The bad guys would hatch some convoluted and ridiculous plot and the good guys would put an end to it just after … Continue reading

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The Setting of the Rising Sun

Rising Sun by Michael Crichton, Alfred a Knopf Inc, January 27th, 1992 Rising Sun is a novel written by Michael Crichton while he was still at the height of his literary powers. It was published after Jurassic Park and before … Continue reading

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The Genre Amalgamation

Just over a month ago I happened on a post from David V. Stewart which was very similar to something I had been contemplating on modern gaming. His post dates 2007 as Ground Zero for video games because that was … Continue reading

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