The Cuckservative Betrayal

Cuckservative: How “Conservatives Betrayed America by John Red Eagle and Vox Day, Castalia House, December 4th, 2015

If you’re a regular reader of Vox Day’s blog then you’ve kind of read his non-fiction books before they’re published. Vox will post quite a bit about a topic before it eventually becomes a book. This is the way for many non-fiction books but it’s rare for a reader to see the genesis of the project right through to it’s completion. Cuckservative was released late last year and is a collaboration with John Red Eagle so unlike his previous book, SJWs Always Lie, there is a lot in here that wasn’t on Vox’s blog.

The term “cuckservative” came into wide use last year and was used to mock leading conservative pundits and politicians who constantly cede cultural ground to the left to avoid being called “racist”. This lack of will to fight has resulted in many of the problems we see today from mass debt, divorce and degeneracy and Western lands now having actual land ceded to foreigners though not yet officially.

As the cover will make clear if you pay attention to the flag, Cuckservative  is focused almost exclusively on the most pressing problem of our time which is mass immigration but also shows how and why the conservative movement since the 1950s has failed to preserve anything. This is set in the American context but applies to all countries in the Anglo-sphere as well as much of Western Europe.

The chapters cover most of the “conservative” arguments for immigration such as free trade, the “melting pot” theory and the more recently coined “magic dirt theory”. I believe the latter was Vox’s invention and has made for a deadly rhetorical weapon. actually rejected my attempt to submit the definition which read something like, “the belief that an illiterate third-world goatherd can become¬† a successful conservative Christian if he is given citizenship in the United States.” There are many variations of this and it is obviously absurd yet is probably the most widely believed myth of the pro-immigration conservatives. They have to believe it or they’re racist.

It also covers *gasp* DNA and genetics which at this point are pretty undeniable. Of course, DNA as well as IQ are being openly denied by people left, right and center both politically and literally. But this has tremendous bearing on a societies success. This is not in the book but the way conservatives often talk about bringing in the best and brightest from other countries has long disgusted me. The idea of taking intelligent doctors from India to prolong the life of our obese, geriatric and often childless boomer generation seems to me to be one of the most appalling policies. Of course, these doctors would much prefer to live in Western countries and are genuinely a net benefit but it’s because of this that they should remain and help their own societies. Perhaps they could work that into a sequel.

One of the most ferociously written (and critical) broadsides hits what Day often calls “Churchianity”. It is well known by those who care to find out that church groups have a huge hand in assisting mass immigration – often absurdly of non-Christians that have no intention of converting. This is facilitated by the state and as I understand it, quite lucrative for all involved except the native population. This chapter deals more with the perversion of Christianity towards earthly ends than with this fraud though and the generally touchy, feely and ultimately suicidal niceness of committed Christians especially of the Evangelical persuasion. This has hopefully reached peak insanity with this couple but I’m not so sure. Christ wants us to bring other nations to him not other nations to us.

On a personal level, I can relate to the term and I would say that for a long time I was myself a “cuckservative”. I knew deep down in my gut that what I wanted to preserve as a conservative was white Christian society but knew that openly stating such would get me called a racist and worse. Part of the reason for this is I was cultured to think so and the only mainstream voices available tripped over themselves often embarrassingly to avoid being called racist. Yet, if they’re honest with themselves, that’s where the conservative instinct should lead.

Leftists actually have a point when they talk about “closet racism” of conservatives and people on the right. If you have a problem with this, it’s because you’re accepting their premises which means effectively denying your own. This makes you a crude foil for the left and well… a cuck. Since discovering the alternative right, I’ve found it is a lot more honest (and certainly a lot of fun) to be quite open about wanting to preserve a culturally and racially homogenous society. The reality is you can’t have one without the other and this is exactly what this book demonstrates.

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