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Conan the Adventurer

I didn’t have the pleasure of discovering Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian through creased and sun damaged paperbacks from the 1970s as I’m sure many did. As I mentioned in my first post on Conan, I’m not sure whether … Continue reading

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PC Building & Humility

This is admittedly a weird title but it is to make a wider point. I’ve probably watched the below video about twelve times through. It cuts together a bunch of reaction videos from many PC/Tech channels to a PC Building … Continue reading

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Monkeys playing in Ruins

“The monkeys called the place their city, and pretended to despise the Jungle-People because they lived in the forest. And yet they never knew what the buildings were made for nor how to use them. They would sit in circles … Continue reading

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Excellence in a Sea of Mediocrity

It is no secret that Hollywood puts out an awful lot of terrible films and things have gotten considerably worse in the last few years. Even studios like Pixar (that once consistently put out great films), have had a string … Continue reading

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