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Basic Fitness

Hello, this is just a post I am putting aside to update with links to each chapter of my book/booklet I am putting together on health and fitness. The title of the blog is the intended title of the book … Continue reading

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A Right To Happiness

We thus advance towards a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanche. And then, though our technological skill may help us survive a little longer, our civilization will have … Continue reading

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The Thrawn Trilogy Review

The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn Bantam Spectra, 1991-1993 Having thoroughly disliked the last two films and vowing not to pay to see another after Rogue One, I got to thinking about what could have been a few months ago. … Continue reading

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Legalese and Christianity

On this first Sunday of Lent, I feel I should write something suitably related. I penciled the title for this post in September last year but wrote no notes as I normally would so I don’t remember what I specific … Continue reading

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Truth & Division

The big news this weekend is the Nunes Memo was released after being spoken of for much of last month as a potential bombshell. I read it yesterday morning when I woke up and confess to being initially underwhelmed. As … Continue reading

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Heroes of Play – Dark Souls Review

Here is my first article of the year for Heroes of Play. I haven’t written regularly for the site and I don’t know how frequent my contributions will be this year, but I’ll try to keep up where I can. … Continue reading

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