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Nobles and Peasants

I used to occasionally see an opinion article appear in the newspaper lamenting the democratic process because of the kind of people that were allowed to have a say. This was usually written by a some leftist who’d just seen … Continue reading

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Let Sodom Burn Sodom

There are two jokes about places like San Francisco that I like. One is that if God doesn’t destroy it soon, he is going to owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.  The other is mischievously observing that there must still … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica: Rewatching the Reimagining

Late last month I finished a re-watching of the Battlestar Galactica reimagining which began as a miniseries in late 2003 and ran for four seasons from 2004 until 2009. I often mention that I don’t watch TV on this blog … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Video Game Music Challenge

Game Sack covered this on the most recent episode and since I’m particularly fond of video game music, I thought I’d join in too. I’m not on Twitter or any social media and I usually avoid low-effort content here so … Continue reading

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