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Compliance & Competence

When I moved back to Australia, I began working for a school in a system I’d been out of for a decade and barely in before that. I was only a few years out of university when I moved to … Continue reading

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It’s a guy thing. Totally normal.

UPDATE (29/9/21): I was fixing up old blog posts and Molyneux’s channel was completely removed later in 2020.  Back in 2013 when YouTube’s name still reflected it’s content, I watched this video by Stefan Molyneux on the death of Trayvon … Continue reading

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Looking on the bright side

In these times it is important to remember that the trial of being separated from the Mass and the Sacraments can still be fruitful and we should look to God’s intention for this. I think we aren’t wrong to question … Continue reading

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The Reality of the Law

Should I begin this by stating that I’m not a lawyer and I have no legal training of any kind? Actually, I did do a subject called Legal Studies one year towards the end of High School that I can … Continue reading

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Observations on Face Masks

I began writing this as an email but it ended up being a lot more detailed than I initially expected so I have turned it into a post. These are just some of my observations from my time living in … Continue reading

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