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The Games of 2023

The Games of 2022 were so mediocre that I found it necessary to write about two older games I played that year so I could fill out the post. One might point out that I didn’t play many new games … Continue reading

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The Quick Expiry of Transgression

This post will be somewhat similar in theme to two earlier posts I’ve made concerning music. One was from 2021 where I briefly commented on how entirely hollow the “rebellious” image of many bands are. The two examples were Twisted … Continue reading

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An Appetiser for Selenoth

Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy & Other Stories by Vox Day, Castalia House, January 10th, 2017 (originally published on October 1st, 2008) It is a certainly pleasant to be able to cleanse my palette of the corked … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Classic Propaganda

As I’ve no doubt written before, I occasionally get the idea in my head that I need to read a certain novel, play a certain video game or see a certain film because of it is considered a “classic”. As … Continue reading

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