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He Chose Mary

I just finished reading Rome Sweet Rome by Scott and Kimberly Hahn earlier this week. I didn’t particularly enjoy the book purely as a book. There are a few reasons for this and a major one is it is somewhat … Continue reading

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Real-World Observable Arguments for Catholicism

Normally when discussing the truth of Catholicism, people employ theological, philosophical or historical arguments because these are probably the strongest. There are however other more down-to-earth things that are worth considering, especially for everyday people. What I’m going to attempt … Continue reading

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New Thinking and Old Thinking

I was reading Edward Feser’s post from his irregular series “Adventures in Old Atheism” the other day as well as re-reading A Song for Nagasaki by Fr. Paul Glynn. Both of these readings together got me thinking about exploitation of … Continue reading

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Anticipation (Short Story)

This is a short story I wrote last year for a competition that I didn’t win. I wrote it fairly fast and just before the deadline. I do am not making an excuse for its quality, just stating how it … Continue reading

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