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Some commentary on ‘The Brothers Karamazov’

I just finished reading this book last Thursday morning and I feel I should write something about it but I’m not sure quite what. As such I am just going to write a potpourri of my thoughts. Both this and … Continue reading

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Burning People to Death for Profit

I remember watching a very short documentary on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire a few years back. According to the impeccable source Wikipedia, 146 people were killed as a result of the fire, falling from the building or asphyxiation. The … Continue reading

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Walter Sobchek – Modern America: the Man

Last night I re-watched one of my favourite films, The Big Lebowski. This was my old DVD copy that I had put (along with many others) on to a spindle in order to save space. On a small tangent, I … Continue reading

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