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Physiognomy and Public Health

There is a saying among dissident thinkers that “physiognomy is real.” It is something of a meme as the phrase usually accompanies a picture of an ogreish female or effeminate male saying or doing something absurd or ridiculous. This generally … Continue reading

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The Latin Mass has been restricted because my feelings

A year ago to the day by coincidence, I did a fisking on an article I found which had been published in late 2019 but was so outrageous, I felt compelled to respond. Here we have something more recent from … Continue reading

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Skin in the Game in Education

The idea of cameras in classrooms has come up recently in the US as part of the ongoing discussion of Crititical Race Theory (CRT) anti-White racism. Here is a short article from Breitbart by John Nolte responding to an article … Continue reading

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The Fascinating Backdrop

Lost in Translation is a 2003 film directed by Sophia Coppola and starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. From 1998’s Rushmore onwards, Murray transitioned into more dramatic roles and this is already one of his best remembered since this transition. … Continue reading

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