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Your Situation & Everybody’s Situation

Vox Day recently made a post titled¬†“It’s not about you”¬†where he discusses the irrelevance of ones personal situation to the truth. I’ll quote him in his endearing frankness here: Communism is either correct or incorrect. It doesn’t matter if it … Continue reading

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The Vast and Vacuous

There’s a much shared (and incredibly large) image file showing how earth compares to surrounding planets, the sun and then how our sun is dwarfed by other stars. I remember years ago a principal at a school I used to … Continue reading

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Trump Wins but Black Pill Time

Part of me really wants to gloat (and I already have a whole lot) but it would be better if rather than getting complacent that we got serious. As the title suggests, what I want to do here is focus … Continue reading

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The End of Another Castle, a website I had been writing and publishing articles and other content for the last four years, ended its run last week on November 1st. This marks the final end for a community that was founded more than 15 … Continue reading

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