It is indeed an age of ‘improved means to deteriorated ends’. It is part of the essential malady of such days – producing the desire to escape, not indeed from life, but from our present time, and self made misery – that we are acutely conscious both of the ugliness of our works,   and of their evil. So that to us evil and ugliness seem indissolubly allied. We find it difficult to conceive of evil and beauty together.

J.R.R. Tolkien in ‘On Fairy-Stories’

I figure the name of the blog would be of most interest to anyone who stumbles here so I included it right up the top. I like what he is saying about escapism.

I update this blog about once a week and I write on various topics that come to mind. I write on political, social, religious and philosophical issues though I claim expertise in none. I also occasionally write on education as I am a teacher by profession. Every now and then I write book, movie or video game reviews.  I sometimes write about Australia where I was born and Japan where I did live for just shy of a decade before moving back.

I try to avoid simple posts with links and I mostly write what I feel like writing at the time that I start typing. I always have a few ideas ready to go.

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