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Reverence for Me but not for thee…

“The Church does not want to lose her clients, she wants to acquire new members. This produces a kind of secularisation which is truly deplorable”. “The world is going astray, the Church is going astray in the world, priests are … Continue reading

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Hopeful & Hopeless

I have been meaning to come back to this post for well over a year and the current scare going on (as of writing), has put me in mind to finally finish it. Unfortunately the time between reading these two … Continue reading

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Raging Harpies

Not softlier pillowed is my head That rests by thine, unloving bride, Than were those jagged stones my bed Through which the falls of Nuki stride. The Flower Feast, The TaleĀ of Genji, Part 1 Although I am intimately connected with … Continue reading

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The Honest Atheist

In the 2000s there was a sudden rise atheism due in part to the events of September 11th, 2001 as well as what is no doubt a myriad of other reasons. At this time, the names of Richard Dawkins, Sam … Continue reading

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