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Losing the Plot

I’m very close to finishing War and Peace and my favourite character has just died. I shouldn’t *spoil* it and tell you who my favourite character is. But I don’t suppose mentioning a character dies in a novel with “war” in … Continue reading

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War and Games

I’ve been reading War and Peace over the last month; a book I have put off for far too long. I’m really enjoying it and there is a lot I could write about but the following quote I read recently … Continue reading

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Now Back to the Good Part

Something that has always bothered me about rap music is the way they sample entire choruses or verses from songs and rap in between the repeats. These are often with popular songs – especially previous hits. This is also a … Continue reading

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Put not your trust in princes

“Donald Trump may disappoint but anybody else will. He deserves a chance.” Me, March 15th, 2016 “…the worms slithering back will certainly try to lead him astray if he lets them in.” Me, November 12th, 2016 The two quotes above … Continue reading

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Some commentary on Rerum Novarum

The other day I was by chance linked to Rerum Novarum, a 1890 encyclical by Pope Leo XIII on Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor. I’ve only read a few encyclicals and the ones I have are very densely … Continue reading

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