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Goals Set, Goals Accomplished & Goals for 2017

  For the last two years I’ve done something unusual, I’ve not only set goals but also set out to accomplish them. I’ve also achieved most of them. The funny thing is two self-improvement writers, Mike Cernovich and more recently Roosh … Continue reading

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Thought Experiments

Most people are incapable of distinguishing thought experiments from someone’s actual beliefs. This isn’t an original observation but I am inspired to write about it anyway and it has big implications for what I write on this blog. Almost every week … Continue reading

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Having Meals Together

One of the benefits of returning to traditions is that your time outside makes it easier to understand why certain practices were done and why. One simple example is the concept of having meals together. Now one might wonder, (and I … Continue reading

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The Correct Guide to Good Living

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism  by John Zmirak Regnery Pub, September 26th, 2016 I’ve only recently heard of John Zmirak and I believe it was this article that introduced him to me as well as being a review for the … Continue reading

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Introducing Heroes of Play

The remnant of Another Castle have come together to form a new blog. I can’t take credit for much except a bit of advice and initial involvement but I will be writing regularly at this address. We’re going for something a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on English Education in Japan

This is a lead up to larger post I intend to write on my experiences working within education in Japan and later Australia. Some of what I write here could be roughly applied to the education industry in most countries … Continue reading

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