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The Games of 2020

I might have written before that I don’t think much of the idea of a “Game of the Year” or really an “[Anything] of the Year”. Being a native of a country that insists on awarding citizens such titles, you’d … Continue reading

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The 30-Day Video Game Music Challenge

Game Sack covered this on the most recent episode and since I’m particularly fond of video game music, I thought I’d join in too. I’m not on Twitter or any social media and I usually avoid low-effort content here so … Continue reading

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The Absolute State of Video Games

As one of my resolutions for this year is to reduce the amount I play/buy and my overall involvement with gaming as a hobby, I have naturally been reflecting on the reasons why I came to make this decision. There … Continue reading

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War and Games

I’ve been reading War and Peace over the last month; a book I have put off for far too long. I’m really enjoying it and there is a lot I could write about but the following quote I read recently … Continue reading

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Introducing Heroes of Play

The remnant of Another Castle have come together to form a new blog. I can’t take credit for much except a bit of advice and initial involvement but I will be writing regularly at this address. We’re going for something a … Continue reading

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The End of Another Castle

Another-Castle.com, a website I had been writing and publishing articles and other content for the last four years, ended its run last week on November 1st. This marks the final end for a community that was founded more than 15 … Continue reading

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