Your Situation & Everybody’s Situation

Vox Day recently made a post titled “It’s not about you” where he discusses the irrelevance of ones personal situation to the truth. I’ll quote him in his endearing frankness here:

Communism is either correct or incorrect. It doesn’t matter if it is bad for you or not. Free Trade theory is either correct or incorrect. It doesn’t matter if it is bad for you or not. And the Alt-Right is either a more correct political philosophy than Communism, Liberalism, Conservatism, or Libertarianism or it is not, regardless of whether you and your mudsharking daughter or rice-chasing son or your Filippino ex-wife or your gay Hispanic uncle or your adopted Haitian son or your adopted Korean daughter or your Jewish-Nigerian granddaughter or your Kenyan-Slovakian grandson are United States citizens or alien invaders from Mars.

He is clearly  (and rightly) annoyed about by the people offended or worried about the rising nationalist movements across the West because of how it might affect them personally. I had been contemplating much the same thing about my own family situation. My wife is Japanese and my children are therefore of more or less half Japanese and Western European ancestry. My view that enthno-nationalism is natural, sensible and exists independent of my personal situation. I actually wonder whether my experience living abroad and in what is often delicately termed an “International marriage” may have helped me put aside my personal experiences and look at societies with the necessary dispassion. That and reading a lot of the forbidden over the years. I don’t regret or think my marriage or my children were a mistake. Certainly not! But my situation is unusual, even in the “multicultural” West and for any society that wants to remain stable in the long-term; it should remain so.

I believe that despite how small it may seem, what is now loosely termed the Alt-Right will come to dominate the political and social landscape. The old metaphor about the pendulum swing seems to apply. It is swinging back whether or not you want it to. There may be slowing it down but you won’t stop it swinging. Just how far it swings, how hard it hits and what form it ultimately takes as it comes back, is worth considering. But it is coming regardless. I hope and pray for the sake of my children that it doesn’t swing back so far that they suffer for it. But this may be the case and as is said, the sins of the father are often visited upon the son regardless of whether this seems fair or not. It’s not about me or you, it’s about what is and whether it is right.

An example would be the thought experiment I had about allowing a large influx of people of the same ethnicity as my own into Japan. This would be good for me, at least in the short term. I would no doubt be able to find an enclave within Japan to live with the restaurants and consumer items I desire and good company in my own language. New businesses would open and I’d have more opportunities as an entrepreneur and for employment. I wouldn’t have to worry so much about learning the language, observing Japanese customs, or even respecting them. Most of the small population of foreigners in Japan already ignore the latter to some extent (and often unintentionally). I confess to have offending Japanese sensibilities on a number of occasions. So a lot more Westerners in Japan would be very good for me personally but would it be good for the Japanese?

No, it wouldn’t be good for the Japanese in the short or long term. There would be a number of Japanese that personally benefited, especially those in real estate but many Japanese citizens would inevitably find their own communities changed and they probably wouldn’t like this. I know I’ve been horrified going to places I grew up and seeing what diversity has done. You can call it “culturally enriching” if you want, but I’ve seen nothing I’d describe as enriched as a result. And if such immigration were to take the form it has in the West, the Japanese would be strongly discouraged by social sanction from openly complaining about it. The rich and the remote citizens would be able to distance themselves quietly but it wouldn’t be the case for all. And to what benefit would such change ultimately be? None that I can fathom.

So as someone who will probably be directly affected by what the future holds, let me reiterate that it’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s not about my children or my wife. It’s about what is coming because what we have now is a destructive and evil lie.

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