Trump Wins but Black Pill Time

Part of me really wants to gloat (and I already have a whole lot) but it would be better if rather than getting complacent that we got serious. As the title suggests, what I want to do here is focus on the reality of the world we still live in. Even with Brexit and Trump’s win there are many problems and these should be seen more as early victories in a war. And they aren’t victories that have been consolidated as there are already moves in place to stop Trump and the elites in the UK look determined to ignore the will of the people.

Despite the joy I want to talk about some of the obstacles that exist despite Trump’s win.

Trump isn’t as right-wing as the right wants to believe and the left wants normies to fear. He simply isn’t. He is more politically moderate than most want to admit. His nationalist outlook shouldn’t be controversial but the very idea that a leader should put his country first seems to be unthinkable in [current year] America. I don’t think he’ll back down on his major promises since he’s staked so much on his promises to actually do something. Still he’s very unlikely to be as ferocious as his hard right supporters want.

The left aren’t going to give up and will likely get more ruthless. They still control the media, the schools and are present throughout much of the government. As mentioned above, they are already doing their best to stop Brexit despite the result and as I right their are organised anti-Trump protests happening even outside the USA. They are wounded and we should press the attack while they are, but they’re still entrenched and now know they’re in the fight of their lives.

The Republicans establishment are still going to give Trump difficulty and fall over backwards to show their supposed enemies they aren’t like him. He was given very little help during the campaign but most are already finding ways of squirming back into the good graces of the base they abandoned. This should be rejected and I’m sure Trump will only be as gracious as he needs to be. The ones that are entrenched will make things difficult and the worms slithering back will certainly try to lead him astray if he lets them in.

Most importantly of all is that Western culture is already all but destroyed. A lot of people seem to imagine this Reaganesque resurgence of America with Trump and that simply isn’t going to happen. ‘Make American Great Again’ was excellent political rhetoric but the reality is the America that was is long dead. The country is dangerously divided and spiritually, economically and morally bankrupt. This can not be addressed by one man and it will take a very long time and a lot of suffering before any of this is solved in any significant way. Trump’s win is more a window of opportunity than a victory. It gives the remnant of what made America a chance to reorganise and stops (at least for a while) the direct attacks on them. It will and has also inspired other nations which is a further positive.

This is not to say I’m not enjoying this victory, I just want to tell myself repeatedly and others that this is only the beginning. It is no time for complacency and if anything, we’re going to be fighting even harder in the coming years.

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