From a disaffected conservative

I grew up in a reasonably conservative household and I have personally held instinctively conservative positions most of my life. That’s not to say I held positions without reason, just that I had a strong preference for individualism, tradition and a suspicion of temporal power from an early age.

As a millennial, my schooling was naturally dominated from early on with left-wing assumptions about the world. In college I was assailed with professors who were openly hostile to views like mine and could often only work within the intellectual cage of literature they provided.

My views changed over time and many were eroded by the relentless bombardment of the left and my own weakness. I made use of the college library from early on and found the books that the professors kept hidden. The Internet enabled me to discover like-minded people and I learned to debate by arguing with others on message boards from early adulthood.

I’ve gone through many political positions, from strongly conservative to full blown anarcho-capitalism. I’ve lost my faith and rediscovered it. The one thing I never liked was totalitarianism from the openly militant forms in the 20th century to the ever creeping SJW form occurring now.

I have grown up frustrated watching the leading defenders of my side playing to the enemy. Whether by accepting their premises and losing arguments in advance or by reacting pitifully to organised cultural attacks from gun control to gay marriage – they have totally failed to counter any of these outrageous assaults on our culture.

I was utterly fed up with the way mainstream right and left argue about which political party has more scandals, is more corrupt or more wrong by my early twenties. I continue to be disgusted with the way grown men, paid to write on serious issues continue to do the same today. The way they suppose the man in the street should care about a temporary tax cut while he watches his community slowly destroyed.

I hate the way my side will condemn their own when the enemy shrieks while not holding them to the same standards. I continue to be appalled by the abandonment of the few brave politicians and public figures who speak up because of the weakness of those who purport to defend our culture.

I have had it with the way culture and yes – race is ignored in society for fearing the response of those who want both destroyed. The way the influence of both is left out in favour of economics and the role of government. As if a country is not the product of the people who inhabit it. As if it isn’t ludicrous to suppose that people from alien lands will achieve different results if the geography is different.

The only people worth reading and listening to any more are those generally known as the “alternative right”.  They not only refuse to accept the lefts premises but ruthlessly skewer their vacuous narratives. They don’t apologise. They don’t pretend the other side is more reasonable than it is. And they certainly see the enemies approval as a mask for their contempt.

When I see those same people putting trust in Donald Trump, I quickly began to understand why. I accept the inconsistencies with Donald Trump’s past but like them; I frankly don’t care. If he has done anything it has been to prove beyond any doubt that the Republican establishment does not care about its base and that its media allies, Fox News, National Review, don’t either. The same is true of the conservative elite all over the western world. They are nothing  but comical and pathetic foils.

I’m not an American but I see what is happening now as of wide importance to all people of the West. Donald Trump may disappoint but anybody else will. He deserves a chance.

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