Symbols Matter

The worst kind of commentators and commenters (particularly within the so-called “conspiracy theorist” community), are the ones forever finding something wrong in any victory — however small. No matter what it is, there has to be a catch, a problem or some way things are still going according to plan for “the elite”. This would imply that the various enemies of humanity are  omniscient, omnipotent and have uniform goals in every nation in the world. In reality, they make mistakes all the time and their plans often fail. They’re also getting increasingly stupid but that is a topic for another post.

When things go wrong for them, their reaction is naturally never to admit fault or give up but make adjustments and sacrifice a minion or two. In rarer cases, one of their own will be but this will be avoided if possible. It shouldn’t be assumed that these people are allied the world over either. They all have different goals and motivations and will happily cross each other when it suits them. 

To give a recent example, I do believe the official nonsense that began in 2020 was planned but I don’t for a minute believe it went exactly as planned. I expect some aspects went better than they could have possibly imagined and other aspects went very wrong. We aren’t going to be finding out exactly what went on for a while but I very much doubt the people behind this were anywhere as smart as they imagine themselves. 

This brings me to the purpose with the post which is to take victories however small. Not because they alone will save the day but because every victory, however small does help.

The most recent example was the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, an openly Satanic construction mysteriously built some years ago. Whoever did it and whatever the true reasons for their destruction, it was good that they were. They laid out the desires of the Malthusian portion of our elite and their celebrated destruction represents a rejection of those desires.

Equally so with the almost as recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, a half-century old court decision that magically found a constitutional right to infanticide. The fact that this isn’t the same as banning the slaughter of the innocent (as the increasingly demonic opposition claim), does not mean it doesn’t represent a win for what is good. In fact, I’m quite happy for those that believe they have such rights to continue to imagine worse to come. Their worst nightmares are my dreams and I like to dream. The fact that the decision was announced on the Birth of St. John the Baptist who “leapt in the womb” before our Holy Mother pregnant with our Lord is also a perfect symbol for this victory. 

Less recently were the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit Referendum in 2016 were also victories however marred by subsequent events. Donald Trump was never going to be all things to his supporters. In hindsight, many people really expected way too much. Equally Brexit was never going to solve all the problems in the United Kingdom. What both of these undoubtedly did was demonstrate popular rejection of the beliefs and goals of these same elites. That through official sabotage, fraud and other factors, they did not go as hoped, does not mean they were not great events. They were certainly worth celebrating. 

These events (and many others) are all symbolic rejections of what the traitorous ruling classes all over the Western world wanted and whatever their particulars, we should see them as such. Even if you don’t see much truth in symbolism, I assure you our so-called betters do and you can bet all these events had them seething. What’s more, these will be seen as markers of the change we hope to bring about by historians and future generations.

To close, one must be inclined to ignore those who find a reason for despondency in every event and instead always maintain hope (even if only hope seasoned with a healthy realism). Christians especially should be constantly reminding themselves that the final victory occurred almost 2000 years ago and we are all here to join with our Lord in his final victory once the work he has set for us is complete.

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