No STD for Straight Men

Whether or not you consider sodomy a sin, there is still a widespread and healthy disgust that exists — particularly towards male sodomites. Now of course, this is seldom spoken aloud anymore but it is still there. How do I know this, you ask? Well, one can infer simply by what the media is willing to show of it. Even today with children being groomed in public libraries and schools by degenerate freaks and public buildings and “churches” covered in pride flags; the media is still very reluctant to show the realities of any one colour of this rainbow of perversions. When a “gay” character is shown on television or in a movie, it is usually a very effeminate male and any sort of intimacy is avoided. When ever physical intimacy is shown, it is usually two attractive women which though still sinful and wrong, provokes much less disgust among people in general. And even this is an inversion as your average lesbian is generally more masculine than a gay man.

Now I’m sure people can come back with counter-examples and I must admit I avoid most media that might be different but I still see enough advertising and other imagery to know that this is still followed. And mainstream films and television shows that introduce “gay” characters still carefully present them to appear at least somewhat normal. Anyway, I don’t need to use reason to argue with people who deny the most elementary biological facts. And unlike conservatives, I don’t believe being permissive about any sin is up for debate.

When the public grooming for acceptance of sodomy began, it was from the very start, in a very sanitised way.  They were very reluctant to show the realities of this “lifestyle” as it would certainly have only made the public more hostile at the time. The seedier aspects were sometimes implied indirectly such as in Philadelphia when Tom Hank’s character contracts HIV from a sexual encounter with another man in a dirty pornographic theatre. This is portrayed as a lapse on the characters part and not — as it most certainly is — normal homosexual behaviour. These days they can get away with more but an unspoken distaste for it nevertheless remains. If you want to test this, try reading aloud some of Joseph Sciambra’s anecdotes of this “lifestyle” and see how long it takes for them to tell you to stop reading… or vomit. Of course there are exceptions but I’d bet the average man and woman on the street is not aware of just how depraved these people are. 

Which brings us to the latest manufactured scare known as “monkeypox” which can be established without even reading between the lines: is no threat to the vast majority of the human population. The article below is unusual for how revealing it is for not only where this virus comes from but the kind of lives these people really live. I warn readers before proceeding that the article I quote from will disgust anyone with even a modicum of moral sanity. I try to keep this blog clear of vulgarity and moral filth of any kind but unfortunately, it is probably necessary that more adults understand exactly what the alphabet brigade are really like. I will however spare everyone descriptions of the virus as well as the included photographs of symptoms. Readers should avoid the link below if they want to keep themselves spared. 

I am quoting from this archive link of an article published on the Guardian (where else?) and have bolded several portions of the quoted text. 

I got monkeypox and it’s been a total nightmare.

When New York Pride festivities kicked off on 24 June, I was aware that monkeypox was an emerging issue – especially for gay men – but I was also under the impression that the number of cases in the city was relatively small.

See? You really don’t even need to read between the lines. This can be translated as “this is an STD spread by sodomites”.

I had sex with several guys over the weekend. Then a week later, on 1 July, I started feeling very fatigued. I had a high fever with chills and muscle aches, and my lymph nodes were so swollen they were protruding two inches out of my throat.

Notice how casually he reveals he slept with SEVERAL men. With the usage of that word today this could mean anywhere from three to well into double digits and he probably didn’t even know their names. The most promiscuous heterosexual men and women are unlikely to have more than one partner in a weekend. Even men like Hugh Hefner and Gene Simmons would have rarely fornicated at that level. The average womaniser wouldn’t even attempt to pass this kind of number as an exaggeration as they’d know full well they’d have been called out on it. But the writer is completely unabashed to publish this to the world. 

Some might leap in and defend this as also abnormal for gays or say it was only because it was a “celebration” but this is in fact a normal part of their life. Again, read Mr. Sciambra if you don’t believe me. 

The next day I got my STI results: positive for gonorrhoea. But no word yet on monkeypox.

The vast majority of people will never be “positive for gonorrhea” — even in the depraved times we live. This is however, not at all abnormal for male sodomites. 

The author does finally establish that he has monkeypox because nowadays you can only establish you have an illness with a test. He then spends the remainder of the article complaining about the poor response from health officials and towards the end states:

This whole thing just feels like a huge failure that should not have been allowed to happen, especially not two and half months into the outbreak.

At no point does the author venture the thought that the “lifestyle” of men like him might be to blame and not the supposedly poor response from health officials. This reads like an alcoholic complaining to doctors about the headaches he keeps waking up with after each drunken binge. The reality is that unlike with software, these bugs are in fact a feature! Behaviour like this will result in poor health and likely an early death.

And his complaints towards health officials are more than a bit unfair as they are taking it very seriously for something that will only affect a tiny portion of the population. Incredibly, they apparently already have a vaccine for it. If true it would make a mockery of “Operation Warp Speed”. It would also imply that this vaccine is even more worse than useless though I can only imagine how that could be. Nonetheless, you can see a photograph in the linked article of a long line of people (who look like they have similar lifestyles to the author) waiting to get it.

In short, “monkeypox” is just another STD and dangerous only to people who engage in sinful, unhealthy and disgusting behaviour as well as those unfortunate enough to be around them. There will sadly be victims of their evil and vampiric form of procreation who will be used as evidence to deny the reality of this outbreak.

So the remedy to avoid this is simple. Continue (or begin) to live in conformity with God’s natural law. Better yet, through his son, Jesus Christ’s Holy Catholic Church. Pray for these sinners and especially for their victims. 

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