Let Sodom Burn Sodom

There are two jokes about places like San Francisco that I like. One is that if God doesn’t destroy it soon, he is going to owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.  The other is mischievously observing that there must still be more than ten good men there. Both compliment each other and while there are still good people in many of the worst cities in the world, that number must be declining all the time.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek aspect of what I wrote above, I have seriously wondered why God is holding back his wrath from us. We deserve it and I very much include myself in this “we”. This is in mind particularly because of current events in the United States which has now eclipsed the mass hysteria of the previous three months.

If you are in any sense morally sane, you are probably wondering how these events could possibly end well and I have been doing the same. My efforts to look on the bright side have had me pondering whether God could be letting Sodom burn itself this time.

As I write, there is still a lot of unrest and I expect things to get even worse as the weather warms up and especially because the Independence Day holiday is coming up on July 4th. The vandals have already moved from destroying or defacing statues of Confederates to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and even at least one statue of an abolitionist as I learned today. The cuckservative articles ceding yet more ground to the vandals on the subject had barely published their terms of surrender before they needed to start thinking of a conservative case for wrecking all public monuments.

What our media gatekeepers never seem to be able to learn is that these people simply don’t care. Almost none of them would know a thing about the men behind the statues. They are just images to be wrecked as the stores are places to be looted. They don’t care about what prompted citizens to erect these statues any more than they care how the stores they looted and destroyed will be rebuilt and restocked — if any ever are.

Yet with this destructive and deliberate ignorance now in plain sight, the cucks still seek the approval of these monsters and try to believe there is some sort of rationality behind all of this. Their are certainly smarter people behind these actions but they are far from the streets in most cases. The goal seems to be deliberate disruption and destabilisation though to what end, we can only speculate.

I do sympathise with the innocents caught in the middle of this and there are many. If it were me, I imagine this is the kind of situation where it is better to give up everything and leave rather than to try and continue among it. If I were a police officer, I’d be quitting or looking to transfer as fast as possible.

The good people should abandon these cities and let them burn to the ground. Every effort should be made to stop tax money whether from the Federal or State governments from rebuilding these areas. This will be a problem of course because their is collusion at multiple levels including among officials in law enforcement, the judiciary and government employees and politicians. Unsurprisingly, every corporation is going along with it and are even prepared to lose some of their own property so as to avoid being called racist.

Plenty of good can come of all of this though. All the enemies of civilisation have now revealed themselves and they include many charged with its protection. What has happened will empty many of these places and good people will be unwilling to help hold them together in any way.

Lastly, all this destruction of cultural landmarks has set a very important precedent for what will happen when the boot is on the other foot. Every single graven image, sacred cow and holy shrine of modernity and post-modernity can now be destroyed when the time comes. They will have nothing to say in response. I hope to live long enough to see professors, politicians, businessmen and busybodies of all stripes arrested for treason. To see university departments wiped out and their published evils burned and scrubbed where ever they are found. To see public school closed down, defunded and every useless government lackey sacked.

It will not only glorious, it will also be totally justified.

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