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Peter Hitchens versus Gamma

I cam across this interview that was put into my YouTube feed (I don’t have an account but my viewing habits are still noticed by the infernal algorithm), which was a recent interview with Peter Hitchens. I find Hitchens interesting … Continue reading

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Known Knowns & Unknown Knowns

The Phoney Victory: The World War II Illusion by Peter Hitchens I.B. Tauris, August 30th, 2018 Peter Hitchens has described himself as the obituarist for Britain in some interviews with him I have viewed online. This was particularly true with … Continue reading

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Peter Hitchens versus Evil

I hate watching Q&A – normally. It is more or less nothing but an act of confirmation bias for the most loathsome people in Australia. The panel is usually comprised of three leftists, one moderate/weak politician and perhaps one person … Continue reading

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