I am not a man of my time.

In my journals, must be more mindfult to write “I am very racist and homophobic, I am a religious extremist” so nobody comes along later and misrepresents me of says “he was a man of his time” @conan_esq

A little while back the above post was made by Conan, Esq which is the twitter handle of Alexander Palacio. I have linked to a couple of his articles before and also read the first two of his Sword and Sorcery Series Ashes of the Urn and I will review these after the forthcoming third is published. This is all by way of introduction though and the purpose of this post is in response to the tweet above.

There is of course, an element of humour intended in the above but I am quite sure the sentiment is serious and I share it. I have contemplated dying before and the horrible funeral that could follow where loved ones exaggerate my goodness and talk about different hobbies or sports that interested me. This uncomfortable thought alone prompted me to prepare for my death, not just to properly dispose of what (at the time of writing), is a very meagre estate; but to make sure that I am given a proper funeral. A Requiem Mass with prayer directed towards the salvation of my immortal soul and definitely not a trite “celebration” of my life. 

As in the above, I also do not want to be remembered as a person of my time but as one who was often aghast and vehemently opposed to much of what I witnessed during my life. True, I was not always thus but then I was born into this time and not raised or taught to think and believe many of the things I do now. Though I want to defend my parents as they carried out their vocations with right intention and never intentionally exposed me to the evils of this world.

As this blog is something of a journal, I can set out here what I believe — if it is not clear from many other posts.

I am racist, homophobic and a religious extremist.

Unlike conservatives and other weaklings, I do understand these are pejoratives but I would rather embrace them than try to explain them away.

I want to live in a homogenous society and openly prefer to be around people of my own ethnicity. I also prefer my culture and traditions to those of others and even hold an intense dislike for many other nations and their cultures. Others I admire, am indifferent or just have mild distaste for but I hold that there is nothing wrong with these feelings. I even believe that in most ways that matter, my own culture is superior to most others. 

The sinful aspect aside, I have always found sodomy disgusting and indeed the multitude of perversions that surround it. It is not so much fear as it is hatred. I don’t want to be around people like this. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to hear them. I believe it would be a mercy if these people were punished severely for their vile, wicked behaviour as in the past.

I believe that Christianity is the only true religion and that salvation can only be found through the Holy Mother Church — the Catholic Church. I accept the church’s authority on this matter though I am only a layman. I dislike people who treat religious matters as relative to the individual. I also dislike the idea that everybody’s opinion matters. I do not claim to know everything and know enough to know I never can. I therefore have to place my trust in authority at some level and so place it in the highest authority I know. 

My tone might sound arrogant but none of this is supposed to be self-righteous. I am as much a sinner as anyone else — as I have detailed frequently elsewhere on this blog. I have learned enough as an acknowledged sinner that nothing improves when sins are instead considered “different perspectives” or “lifestyle choices”. This has been one of the many foolish mistakes of the last few generations. 

These are just three examples drawn from the words at the beginning but they suffice to distance me greatly from the general values of the society I was born into. So I am not a man of my time or at the very least endeavour not to be and I certainly don’t want to be remembered as one.

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