Force and Discomfort

There has been a lot misuse recently of the idea of “being forced”. That is the subtle but important difference between “being forced” and “being compelled” or “coerced”. With the way dictionary definitions are being changed this is not completely surprising but this is not really about the way words are being changed to mean something else. Words also do come to mean different things so this post is not simple pedantry about the precise meaning of words. I know force isn’t just physical too but the use of the word can be misleading.

What many are facing right now — or are likely to soon face is a choice between a dangerous and unnecessary gene therapy that doesn’t work and their job. This is of course for their health and safety even though depriving someone of an income will in short turn deprive them or food and shelter which are both necessities for health and safety. Regardless of your views on this matter, such a threat is a contradiction of what governments around the world have used to claim unprecedented powers over our bodies. That is to keep us safe and healthy.

Now let us break this down to make what is happening very clear:

  • People work in order to earn income for food and shelter.
  • Food and shelter is most responsible for keeping people healthy and safe.
  • You will lose your job if you don’t take a “vaccine” for your health and safety.
  • Losing your job will mean no income for food and shelter.
  • You will no longer have health or safety.

I probably haven’t put this as succinctly as I’m sure others could but it still cuts to the point. This is evil entirely on its own and should be disobeyed regardless of the consequences. This is without considering the efficacy or necessity of the vaccine or anything else behind it. I have a whole list of reasons why I don’t want to and don’t think anyone else should take the vaccine but threatening someone’s livelihood and ability to support their family alone is enough to know I shouldn’t.

Now to get to the point: is being under this threat the same as being forced to take it?


Please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying because this does not mean what is happening is good. I just said above it was evil — and it is. But the government isn’t forcing people to get vaccinated: people are just being strongly compelled or coerced. So saying, “I am forced to take the jab because otherwise I’ll lose my job” is not quite right. You’re taking the jab to keep your job and this is evil but you aren’t being forced.

What people are quite reasonably and understandably worried about are losing their livelihoods, their homes and the ability to support their family.  I am too and I don’t quite know what I’ll do when I (inevitably it seems) am put in the same position. I do know one thing I won’t do though and that is take the “not-vaxx”.

I know this could result in a complete loss of income, ostracism and at worst even starvation but I’m still not taking it. None of those eventualities are on me — they’re on the people who order and enforce them completely. They’ll be responsible. The only way I will take it is if I am in fact “forced to”. This would involve me being physically overpowered by one or more people and having it injected into my body completely against my will. I may lose my job, my home, my friends, my family and the clothes on my back but right up to and even after — I still have my own will.

I don’t want to lose any of the things I’ve mentioned. I like and enjoy my job and I want to keep the safety and comfort I have in my home. I want my family to be safe and healthy together. I want rather simple and not at all controversial or unreasonable things. However, I know I was promised nothing of the sort in life. Nobody is. I know that I might have to choose between submitting to an obvious evil or putting myself and others in discomfort or even danger.

I’ve read, watched or heard a lot of people who were on side with me starting to weaken on this. I don’t blame them for not wanting to lose the things they’ve worked hard for. Even were it all to end tomorrow, what has happened in the last two years is beyond gross injustice and into the realm of pure wickedness. That all being the case, I won’t submit to it no matter what is lost.

Even if I was to accept it this one time, there is no guarantee that afterwards there will be any return to normalcy. Submitting to this assumes the people who have changed all the rules and goals constantly will suddenly stop once everybody is “vaxxed”. If this succeeds, there will inevitably be new demands put on our personal autonomy in the future. It may end up being a long way off but there is no doubt that there is. It is already clear that our children aren’t safe from this either.

All of the above is without even getting into the efficacy of what we’re being asked to take which is well-established through purely mainstream reporting — does not work.

If these aren’t evil times we are living in then I don’t know what evil times look like. I am already disappointed to the extent that I have submitted to this lie and I am at the point where this is clearly too far. It must be resisted, whatever the cost. We may suffer on earth for this but Heaven will surely smile on those who hold out.

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