Physiognomy and Public Health

There is a saying among dissident thinkers that “physiognomy is real.” It is something of a meme as the phrase usually accompanies a picture of an ogreish female or effeminate male saying or doing something absurd or ridiculous. This generally provokes a good chuckle as the people tend to look exactly how you would expect with rare exceptions. It was also regularly brought to mind by Andy Ngo’s almost daily posting of Antifa mugshots last year.

Although it is true you can’t always judge a book by its cover, there is something to be said for the value of physiognomy. The topic today comes at it from the perspective of personal health. As public health has been a regular topic for well over  a year now, it seems the people out to look after it would be healthy themselves. Naturally, this isn’t the case.

Below I have included photographs of the people I tend to see on television when I have the misfortune to catch a news broadcast or go to a news website. These are many (though not all), of the people who comment on public health. I have included public health officers and leading politicians.

Although the pictures aren’t the most flattering, in most cases I could have chosen worse. I tried to include men and women and made some effort to choose some that went against my point.

What you will notice particularly among the men is that there neck and chin seem to begin in the same place. Sagging skin is part of aging but some of these men aren’t much older than me and my neck isn’t like that. All but one of the men are noticeably overweight and it might have helped to include full body shots to show just how unhealthy they are.

With regards to the women, two look good for their age but one is unmarried and childless and the other thinks catching footballs is a public health risk. One of the women has the same neck/chin problem the men all do and is also fat. These people all clearly eat a lot though they would all eat good food while keeping the people they represent eating home-delivered fast food (for health). There were a few other women I could have included, one who looks like she would eat my brains and others who are just fat.

I did say in a previous post that I didn’t want to show images but this nonsense is still going on and these people are responsible so I’m less inclined to be charitable. I also pointed out in that same post that people with serious mental health issues or those on medication for such disorders, should not be given responsibility for a pie cart, let alone a state or nation. I suspect I would not be surprised at what I found were I able to peer into the medicine cupboards and handbags of many of those above.

Contrast them with this Gym Bro below:


His name is  Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia and he accurately predicted where all this was going last year. Notice he is physically healthy and if you watch the video — quite articulate too. Somehow, despite his defiance of public health orders, he has managed to stay alive and healthy during these super scary times. When enough people start to realise what they’ve been put through, he’s going to look a lot better than any of our leaders. He’ll be lionised while our leaders will be lucky if they’re given a dignified burial.

In short, I am still unwilling to take health advice from fat, ugly, stupid sociopaths. And every public official above fits at least two of those descriptors. I would be better to listen to this random Canadian who clearly looks after his own health very well.

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