The Results of the Election

As I write there are questions surrounding the outcome of the election which could go on for many weeks if not into next year. I was going to hold off writing because of this but I did say this:

Speaking of which. If I am wrong, I will admit I was wrong in the very next post I make on this blog. I will not try to rationalise my incorrect prediction in any way. As of writing, the only thing that I believe could make me wrong is widespread electoral fraud but I will not use this as an excuse if Trump loses. Even if it is blatant to the point where the mainstream media actually acknowledge it, I will still state that I was wrong.

So in the spirit of honesty that we certainly don’t see from mainstream journalists, pundits, commentators, pollsters and politicians, I will admit where I was wrong assuming the results as of writing are completely accurate and fair.

I was wrong about the following states:

New Mexico
North Carolina

It is quite possible that two or more of these states could subsequently go back to Trump and even that Nevada could turn red which would make another predicted state wrong. So I may get to make my predictions more accurate in the future but that remains to be seen.

The verbal bravado quoted above leaves little wriggle room but I can at least state that I did a lot better than most mainstream pollsters. Biden was predicted to win handily and they even had him flipping Texas in some polls. Florida and Ohio were also expected to go his way. If the pollsters were right, he should have won decisively on the night and it shouldn’t have been for the media to both presume and declare victory days later. The events of the night make my claim Trump would carry Illinois seem reasonable. Most states I wasn’t wrong by much either.

One point remains that an Australian guy was able to throw together something that (at the very least), was no less accurate than most pollsters based on hunches and vibes. There was no clear victory for Biden and indeed the race was going Trump’s way for most of election night. This should be once and for all the end for these snakes.

I will certainly post again should the final results prove more accurate. I have at least admitted my errors here as I said I would. The very obvious and widespread fraud may be covered in a subsequent post.

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