The Trumpslide Cometh – I know, I even bought the t-shirt!

As I write, the mainstream polls seem to be “tightening” or adjusting to reality and I want to make it clear before election day that I think the polls were always wrong. Trump is going to win a massive and clear victory on election day and I will go so far as to say he will take the popular vote too. Even if he doesn’t get the popular vote, the electoral college results will be unassailable.

There will be riots. There will be wailing. There will be gnashing of teeth.

But Trump will win.

I noticed a few people sharing electoral map predictions so I have made one based on the interactive map at this link. The image was produced totally on my own assumptions and I expect it will be more accurate than any mainstream predictions from pundits. I hope this will show that some unpaid man in Australia is more accurate than supposed “experts” on six figure salaries and therefore how worthless political pundits are.


I predict that even with all the rioting, looting, media bias, political corruption and electoral fraud that the result will still be undeniable. This will be an even bigger win for Trump than in 2016. I even wanted to include Virginia for Trump but I thought that might be too far. It is possible I could be wrong about Maine, Pennsylvania and Michigan but I’m still going with them anyway.

I base these predictions on people I have been following such as Vox Day (linked above), Raz0rfist and the unfortunately named Styxhexenhammer666. Also on the enthusiasm I have seen for Trump around the nation shown in videos and pictures around the USA. I have not looked into the numbers in each state or done any genuine research. I made some quick assumptions with many states based on previous results but nothing more sophisticated than that. I consider most of the polling data almost completely useless as the same people were widely off the mark last time and pollsters seem to be doubling down on their nonsense this time.

I do follow many other commentators who are not confident about Trump winning including RAMZPAUL and John Derbyshire. So I am not just following endlessly optimistic people and getting high off their enthusiasm. It does help that I don’t follow mainstream media which is leading people to believe Biden will win. This is the desired result and not at all the reality.

Unless Biden gets a clear victory on Tuesday, virtually every polling place should close down in shame. I don’t expect any will do this but I would if I was them. But then I am honest when I make mistakes which is the main reason I’m not a journalist or a politician.

Speaking of which. If I am wrong, I will admit I was wrong in the very next post I make on this blog. I will not try to rationalise my incorrect prediction in any way. As of writing, the only thing that I believe could make me wrong is widespread electoral fraud but I will not use this as an excuse if Trump loses. Even if it is blatant to the point where the mainstream media actually acknowledge it, I will still state that I was wrong.

If I am right, I will probably be dancing around gloating in word form.

Lastly, the t-shirt isn’t a joke, I did in fact buy a t-shirt in 2017 that has “Trumpslide 2020” on the front. It is already quite worn and smelly (according to my wife), and you can buy one yourself here. I wish I was relevant enough for it to be an affiliate link but honesty doesn’t pay well in this world.

Anyway, the election is barely a day away as of posting. Trump 2020!

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