What You Can Do: Useful & Useless

This post is mostly directed towards those on the alternative right, whether or not you want to call it that. I am still happy to stick by it and that is what I’ll be using here regardless of some of the less savoury people who are considered part of it.

I am sure I am far from the only one that is almost impatient for something to happen; for there to be an event or opportunity that gives a chance at change. Whether it was the election of Donal Trump (which happened), or economic collapse and/or open civil war. The slowly boiling frog metaphor is overused (and I’ve heard wrong), but it is useful to explain the feeling of those who can feel what is happening and want to jump now and well before it is too late. Thinking about this can lead to despair, frustration and anger, none of which is useful.

What I going to try and do here, is give some ideas for what can be done instead of spending time thinking or worrying about what is going wrong in the West. I will try to cover what is useful and what is useless. These aren’t all my own thoughts but a collection of what I’ve come to see as the best advice going forward.

If you are like me, you’ve probably thought about and even desired to see open hostilities begin between the left and right across the West. It sometimes feels like this would be more a relief than anything else. The reality is, that if it does (and it is far from unlikely), it will be horrible. Even assuming the political right is ultimately triumphant, it will be at great cost. This is not something that should be desired or preempted but it is an eventuality to be prepared for.

The best way to prepare for such an eventuality is luckily also the way you should be trying to live anyway. The way you prepare is to make sure (whether man or woman), that you are fit and healthy. If you’re obese or even just a little bit fat, then you should do something about it. Go to a gym, play team sports or even just walk. Have a balanced diet and perhaps practice going without food at times. Even in the best of times, this should be what people do. I haven’t always done it myself but I can confidently write today as someone who has been in good physical health for most of his adult life.

With the alarming rates of obesity across the Western world, the more men on the right who are healthy, the better positioned we will be should the worst happen. This is something very simple that can be done by everyone.

Something that can be done in addition to this is something I am myself still working on. That is, expanding your personal skill set. This is more for personal insurance than anything but it is also something that will be useful to you in general. Learn more skills and how to do more things than what you current employment requires. Have something to fall back on should you find yourself in trouble, if not for your beliefs then just because of bad luck.

The next thing you can do once you have yourself in order is look to have a family. Now this is where you will get people making excuses. Whether it is divorce laws of the nature of the modern Western woman, you will hear plenty of excuses for not doing what needs to be done. I can tell you that I have not had an easy marriage, but nothing worth doing is: as I was myself told before getting married.

If you really care about the future of the West then you will be doing all you can to leave a worthy posterity to inherit what is left of it. I know of plenty of men with large, healthy families who probably have no idea what the AltRight is. But they live it regardless simply by being healthy, successful men with large families. These quiet warriors are courageously normal and they won’t ever be publicly lauded for doing this. This has been so even at the best times in history.

Before moving on to my final point, I’d like to cover what is not useful. What is not useful also seems to be what most men and women on the AltRight are doing. That is meming and s***posting on Twitter and other platforms. It also includes what I’m doing now in a way. Now I want to be clear that this is not completely useless unless this is the only thing you are doing. If you are unfit, unhealthy, unmarried and unemployed or any combination of these, then it is best to consider your online contributions useless until these areas are addressed.

The simple fact is that most normal, everyday people do not see any of what goes on Twitter, the chans, Gab or even Facebook. Try asking your mother who Pepe is and see what answer you get. The most useless people on the AltRight, (AltReich or AltRetard), are the ones who spend the most time going on about their desired society and in the practical sense, are doing nothing to address this. Their activities are made up of personal fantasies and vulgar abuse. Obsessions about people who are holding them back are what are really holding them back. Young white men have every right to be angry with the society that is left to them but brooding on this will get them nowhere.

In short, spending hours on social media or on message boards, isn’t nearly as important as you think it is. It is still useful but without your focus being on what I mentioned before, it is best regarded as useless.

Lastly, simply speaking the truth.  I do not mean online – I mean in real life, to friends and family. I am not suggesting you do this recklessly or carelessly but I do suggest you stand up against the narrative. When someone makes a political comment that you disagree with, don’t be “nice” or deferential and let it go. Openly, firmly (but politely), disagree with it. Reject it and offer your own opinion. This is not easy and is certainly something I have to be better with myself. Don’t be afraid of looking stupid or making a mistake either. We all do at times but the truth is the truth and doesn’t become untrue when badly stated.

One of the main reasons we call mainstream conservative “cuckservative” is because they are deferential towards the left. They are very worried about being seen as homophobic, racist or just plain “intolerant”. When you act like this, you have already conceded your position. At the very least, we can’t be like that. Let them know they’re wrong.

It is important to also mention that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a sense of when and where this is appropriate. It probably isn’t a good idea to make unprovoked scenes in your workplace or at family dinners but where, lies are heard, you should respond with the truth. Don’t back down because this is far more important than getting hundreds of retweets could ever be. When real people see someone standing up against the current year narrative, they take notice whether or not they ever come to agree with you.

The truth can and probably will get you into trouble and that’s why you should exercise some basic caution. But definitely do not hide what you believe from family and friends, even if it means losing them.

So for the TLDR of what you can do right now and every day:

Be Healthy
Raise a Family
Speak the Truth

Doing these three things in real life is far more important than the work of the most dedicated and successful online trolls.

I did omit mentioning God and religion specifically, although I think that these three recommendations flow from God. This is simply because the AltRight is fractured into many squabbling groups with a few common goals and I want this post to encompass it broadly. I believe we will fail without Christ but that is perhaps a battle for another day and a topic for another post.

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