In limited defence of Tony Abbott

The recent news surrounding President Donald Trump’s phone conversation with our own cuck-in-chief, Malcolm Turnbull got me thinking about a post I had intended to write about Tony Abbott. Before I do I’d like to publically share my distaste for Malcolm Turnbull. I have disliked him since I first knew of him when he led the (failed) republican movement in Australia. I also believe my instincts about him being a narcissistic jerk have been proven substantially accurate by his actions. So I hope the reports are true that President Donald Trump (still feels good man), did indeed hang up on the useless cuck. And I can only hope that this further erodes his political position. In so far as I care about politics in Australia, I’d much rather Bill Shorten than a progressive in a blue tie.

Quite unlike Turnbull, this post isn’t all about him but about the man he maliciously undermined and unseated a few years ago. Now I would describe Tony Abbott as a cuckservative and he is probably more deserving of that label than Turnbull, as he actually claims to be a conservative. Say what you will about him though, he quite handily won the 2013 Federal Election and is the reason the Coalition is in government in Australia. Turnbull in contrast came pretty close to losing the most recent one and hopefully will next time if something doesn’t befall him politically sooner.

The reason that I titled this post a “limited” defence of Tony Abbott though is because I don’t wish to defend him from a political standpoint. Despite his election success, he was a political coward and retreated from many issues he claimed to believe in. The most notorious and one that was influential in me giving up completely on party politics as it currently stands; was his retreat on Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. That probably deserves a post of its own though.

What I want to defend though is the man himself. I’ve never met him and I don’t think I even know anyone that has but he just always seemed like a decent bloke to me. The nonsense with him being anti-women and a potty mouth actually endeared him further with me. The left doesn’t seem to realise that their false outrage and nastiness generally has the opposite effect on people’s good opinion. But Tony fell for it and tried to spin things the other way rather than ignoring it and moving on. This speaks well of his character though it also shows he (and/or his advisors) are hopelessly naive about their enemies.  So in short, I think he’s a good sort and I’ve yet to see any evidence to the contrary that isn’t completely absurd.

Another political meme about Abbott is that he was an idiot or  just intellectually unsophisticated. This is simply untrue and hilarious coming from people who tend to judge intelligence by credentials. He was a Rhodes Scholar which is an impressive achievement for any man, especially a white one who came of age in the late 70’s. He’s also actually written books and from what I’ve seen of his writing, he actually writes them himself. Consider too that most politicians don’t even write their own memoirs. Contrast him with Barack Obama who is certainly intelligent but probably had help with his books and no doubt will with his third autobiography.

From intellectual to physical, Tony Abbott is often mocked about his appearance and his body. Everything from his ears to how he looks in speedos. First of all, speedos flatter the bodies of exceedingly few men, even those who are physically fit. Secondly, the man was in his fifties when this started. So he was being mocked for being physically active and incredibly fit for his age. As of writing he is still in better physical shape than many children and teenagers are today. He is in better shape than the vast majority of adults and certainly a great many of his critics.

The attacks on his appearance have something else behind them too. I once asked a woman who I can trust to give straight answers why Tony Abbott is said to have a “woman problem” at the time this started getting thrown around with more frequency. The honest answer was that he “looks sleazy”. I’ve mentioned this to people before but I’m willing to bet this is all that is behind his “woman issue” and is almost an argument on its own for ending women’s suffrage. It is also yet one more thing that says more about his critics than the man himself.

Which brings us to the last point and once again, Vox Day’s third law: SJWs Always Project. As with anyone slightly to the right of Bill Clinton, he is said to be “hateful”. He is hateful for holding views that most people have held in our country and the West for a very long time. Views that have only seen significant erosion in recent history. He is hateful even when he futilely reaches out to his nasty yapping enemies only to be bitten harder. This is all projection of course and the same is true of everything else mentioned. He is stupid because his enemies are insecure about their own intelligence. He is physically unattractive because his enemies are often physically (and certainly inwardly) ugly. He is hateful because his enemies are. This is not a coincidence.

All right-leaning public figures cop the same attacks but Tony Abbott is unique for the sheer strength of the vitriol hurled at him. This is another good reason to like the guy despite his political blunders. As I write this, I have got to thinking that the election of Donald Trump might have been a better time for Tony Abbott to have gone for leadership. Allowing Turnbull to lose once or twice might have made him a stronger candidate. Courage is contagious so they say, and the election of Donald Trump and way the political pendulum has began it’s long but unstoppable return right might have given him the courage to be more forceful with his beliefs. There might be time for him or someone like him to rise in the Liberals and make it a proper opposition party again.

Either way, Tony Abbott is a good bloke.

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