The Allegory of the Bottle

I don’t know whether this will be seen as poorly thought out, absurd or just silly but I want to attempt to write it down anyway. 

Imagine that Christianity or more specifically the Body of Christ is a bottle — one with a cork. For a long time the bottle was complete and although the cork came off now and again, it always came back on again. The Great Schism of 1054 took the cork off and it has stayed off since. 

Though it was always possible to replace the cork and there were times when it could have been, this has not happened. The reasons for this are complex and deserve serious consideration whatever side you fall but it should be agreed that a united Body of Christ is preferable but that it must be united in his Truth. 

The Protestant Heresy of 1517 did more than remove a cork — it broke the neck of the bottle. Since this heresy began, the neck has continued to shatter and splinter into smaller pieces; some which are hard to recognise as part of the bottle. More importantly, this made it impossible for the cork to be replaced. 

If we were really just talking about a bottle, the bottle would be done for and would be best thrown away. A new bottle would be needed. However, all things are possible with Christ. 

To heal the Body of Christ, the neck would need to be reformed and this can only be done by Divine Intervention. This is perhaps what is in store for Christians one day, whether in our lifetime or another. The neck of the bottle will truly be reformed and the cork would return to it’s place.

New wine could then fill the bottle. 

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