Put not your trust in princes – Part 2

Thoughts on Donald Trump and the Wall

As you probably know if you follow American politics, it looks quite likely based on reports and tweets from the Don himself, that he is going to cuck on DACA and the Wall.

This is far from the first time I’ve been disappointed by a politician. And knowing what I do about history, it isn’t really something I should find all that surprising. Still, I and many should be forgiven for thinking that someone saying the things that everyone thought but were rarely said – would actually deliver on his promises. As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, he is the first politician I’ve ever financially supported through buying a t shirt.

Now I don’t know if he has truly cucked but it seems highly unlikely now that he is actually playing a deep tactical game that only he and a few insiders can understand. I hope he hasn’t but after Syria (which prompted part one), and a series of other back-steps, this is almost impossible to take seriously. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to be so.

I have often wondered what exactly happens to people when they become politicians. So many of them seem to go in with good intentions and many who seem (or seemed), to be genuinely good. Donald Trump is a billionaire in his seventies and has absolutely nothing to lose by doing what he said he would do. I like to imagine that if it was me I would be publicly naming anyone standing in the way of what the people voted for. But here he is with a clear mandate, both houses under Republican control and he’s negotiating with the Democrats. It makes no sense. One has to wonder if his life is not really under threat should he stray from the deep state or whatever the powers that be are. I just don’t know.

Onto the issue of immigration itself, I am increasingly bewildered. As a great American once said,

“Has the whole world gone crazy?! Am I the only one around here who gives a s*** about the rules?!”

– Walter Sobchak

Well I’m not the only one but I still feel like I’m in the minority despite the election result. I’m sure many do. It isn’t quite as far along in Australia but in America, a large section of the population just doesn’t care about what the law says. Calling people “undocumented” instead of illegal is just disgusting and manipulative misuse of language. It may not be a lie but it is certainly deceit. As is talking as if all the people that would be repatriated are somehow virtuous and deserving of having the law waved in their favour. Now ignoring my incredulity on all of this, the thing about the law is that it has to be applied consistently for it to be considered worth obeying at all. It is simply worthless if it isn’t enforced. This is what I imagine angers most Americans though it is far from the only reason for them to be hostile to the idea of amnesty.

The other problem is of course demographics. The indisputable and already demonstrable fact is that when you replace the people, you replace the culture. It is both of these things simply by looking at the state of California which was once solidly Republican and one of the most successful states in the country. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of Mexico in my lifetime. Americans are slowly awakening to the reality that they are losing and have already lost much of their country.

Donald Trump was elected to do something about that. He was elected precisely because he spoke of putting America first, enforcing the law and making America great again. It seems now that in less than a year he differs little from any other Republican candidate that could have been elected. And this is a man that seemingly understood what was wrong and had little to lose by doing something about it.

I’m still hopeful that Trump will turn this around or at the very least forge a path for someone that will. It is easy to get down but the truth is on our side, even if time may not be. This back-peddling is more puzzling than disappointing.

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