Goals Set, Goals Accomplished & Goals for 2021

2020 was a very interesting year for a number of reasons from mass hysteria to political upheavals and more so one could be forgiven for letting personal goals fall by the wayside. I do not grant myself such a pardon though and as I have for the last few years, I will be going over my achievements and my failures for the year. 

One reason for this is that you shouldn’t use a change of circumstances as an excuse not to fulfill your obligations or duties. For the ultimate example, what kind of Christian would I be if I stopped attending church when it was made difficult to do so? That example actually happened last year and as I write, has happened again where I live. 

Another is that in many ways I had a great year even with the inconveniences. I had a stable job throughout the year and I was not put out of work or put through significant financial difficulties. I am thankful that I was only put through inconveniences and not worse. Many people around me and all over the world have been left destitute or under significant hardship this year. What makes this worse is that it was for the most part unnecessary. Authorities around the world were callous in ruining private businesses for what turned out to be a storm in a tea-cup. These people making the decisions were well-protected from the consequences of their decisions and retained their jobs and comforts. 

In any case below I will list my goals from last year and how well I did. I will follow with my goals for 2021.

1. Lose at least 10 kilograms and get myself back into a good fitness standard.

This started off very well and by the end of Lent, I was down 6-7 kilograms. Then my weight fluctuated and as I write, is back where I started. I did get out and do more regular exercise and have been consistent for most of the year but overall, this was a failure. 

2. Limit my alcohol consumption to five occasions from the time this is posted.

This was a complete failure.

3. Return to writing this blog weekly again.

This was a great success. For most of last year I had at least one post a week. Looking over the posts by month, I have two months with five posts, one with three and the rest have four. When you consider that for most months of 2018 and 2019, I only had one post, that is a big difference I also wrote a number of very lengthy posts that I was very happy with. 

4. Read the books I did not last year.

This year I read The Tale of Genji and just before the year’s end I finished Plato’s Republic. I also had The Gulag Archipelago and Don Quixote on my list which I haven’t got to yet. In 2020, I read 36 books and I could probably add more if I included some of the spiritual reading and articles I read online too. I will be starting Don Quixote soon and as times seem to warrant it, will move onto The Gulag Archipelago next. I’d count this as accomplished considering the reading I did. 

5. Continue to reduce screen-time and increase family and practical time.

This was somewhat accomplished but I think I could have done better. We are in the routine of nightly prayers with my children which is a real positive. I still spend a lot of time on computers and the events of last year made this all the more tempting. I did however stop watching a lot of YouTube content and found myself getting outright bored with a lot of media. This is a great thing. 


Now for 2021:

1. No alcohol until at least Easter Sunday on the condition I have lost 10 kilograms.

I am combining two failures from last year because they are related. There are also a number of other luxuries I am including privately until I achieve this goal. I have been on track for this for the last week and so far I am keeping to it. 

2. Be able to perform 50 push-ups, 80 crunches, 10 chin-ups and running up to 15km by the end of the year. 

I am at 35, 40, 5 and maybe 4 at the moment. I have been regularly doing most of these exercises for the last four months. I used to easily be able to do 10 chin-ups but have lost a lot of arm strength. I also intend to start buying dumbbells for a home gym with how uncertain things are with public gyms at the moment. 

3. Nightly reading with my children.

As has often been pointed out, having concrete goals is the way to actually achieve them. So rather than just saying, “spend more time.” I’m going to set myself a specific way to do it. I do read with them, it is just not as regular as it should be. 


I am going to leave it at three because I want one and two achieved well before mid-year. When I do, I will come back and make some modifications or new goals. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2021! 






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