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Hello, this is just a post I am putting aside to update with links to each chapter of my book/booklet I am putting together on health and fitness. The title of the blog is the intended title of the book so if anyone thinks it is awful, please be sure to let me know here or in any of the posts that follow. 

I am going to have a link to each chapter of the book here so it can be read from the blog in order. I also plan to make it available on Amazon at some stage. If you actually follow this blog you will know that one of my goals for the last few years has been to finish one of the three books I have started and thus far I have finished a total of none. Well this year is different. I will be making it the focus of the blog to get this put together over and above other posts though I do intend to do other writing in between.

The book follows below and this post will likely be updated and changed multiple times. What I’ve written up here will also be removed/changed once it is all done. It is also worth adding that almost a year ago now I said the same thing at the first link below. 

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
Step Nine
Step Ten

The Original Inspiration Posts

General Advice for Weight Loss & Fitness
If I buy it, I will get results

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