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Lost Reavers is a hybrid first/third person action game where the character makes use of both melee and ranged weapons. It was developed with the Unreal Engine and looks like it came out on Xbox 360 in early 2006. But what can I say about Lost Reavers that hasn’t already been said about Devil’s Third? Well, it’s free for a start. And regardless of everything that follows, I actually kind of like it.

If you’re familiar with Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and the ‘Raid Mode’ of the Resident Evil: Revelations games, then you\’re already somewhat familiar with the gameplay in Lost Reavers. So this is a co-op game for up to four players who have to complete objectives while killing many zombies. My initial impressions of this game are that it doesn’t do it better but the fact that it does it for free goes a long way to making that okay.

You choose from one of four characters, who all have unique strengths, weaknesses and even play styles. Sayuri is a katana wielding Japanese school girl, Dwayne favours heavy weapons, Victoria, handguns, high heels and high kicks. Then there is ShadowStalker who has a shotgun and a machete and who is fitted out like a hybrid of Jason Voorhees and Ash Williams. Where Lost Reavers contrasts with the aforementioned games is with a heavier emphasis on melee with the exception of Dwayne who can additionally be played in first-person view.

For each character you have to go through a tutorial which is the same every time and can not be skipped. If this hasn’t been removed for the international release, expect some tedium if you want to play as more than one character. Naturally, there is also a progression system and plenty of outfits, skills and weapons to be unlocked. Most of my time with the game was spent with Victoria who I got up to level 10. I also played a few rounds with Dwayne and Sayuri.

There were two stages available to me at the beginning and no more unlocked during my playtime. Both these stages had the same objective each time and even the limited progression I made became repetitive quickly. Getting into a co-op game was also a challenge and I usually joined two or three rooms before getting into a game. Once I had found a good team, the experience was usually smooth and fun but this is definitely a game you want to play with a group you know. It is also helpful that players are able to select the same character.

If you thought I was joking about Lost Reavers looking like an early Xbox 360 title, let me assure you that I’m not. Almost everything about this game is dated including the interface, mechanics, hit-detection, load times and most definitely the visuals. This is just a preview but I’d be very surprised if much has changed in the full release. Still, if you don’t expect much and remember that this is a free game, I can see plenty of people enjoying this.

April, 2016

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