Introducing Heroes of Play


The remnant of Another Castle have come together to form a new blog. I can’t take credit for much except a bit of advice and initial involvement but I will be writing regularly at this address. We’re going for something a little less and a little more ambitious this time. The website (at least into the near future) will be a blog but the heroes will also be contributing using YouTube, Twitch and social media. This seems to be the future of gaming websites and we’ll see how our effort goes.

My first piece for the site is an eloquent fanboy rant on the Wii U (if you’ll permit me to describe it that way). What is easier about this new project is it integrates well with this blog and managing the website will be a lot less work. I may or may not begin linking the content as I write it. I’ve even reluctantly made another Twitter account for the project though I won’t be making much use of it.

In other news, Another Castle has an archive coming but there is still no date so all the links to the content I wrote are broken and somewhat out of date.

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