Mass Effect Overlord Review

I generally avoid DLC unless it is free. The big exceptions are Resident Evil 5, Mass Effect and now Mass Effect 2. For these games, I have bought literally everything that has been released. I ignored the poor reviews for Resident Evil 5’s Versus and Mass Effect’s mediocre Pinnacle Station and somehow enjoyed them. Now I am stuck on Mass Effect 2 which seems to have had something new every few months or so since its release.

The previous big DLC release for Mass Effect 2 was Kasumi’s Stolen Memory which I of course bought and enjoyed. The mission itself was interesting if a little short and despite her lack of dialogue after the mission, it was nice to have an extra character. I would be reluctant to say it was worth the asking price though.

Overlord is the same price and thankfully a bit longer. If you like achievements then you get two extra ones and if you enjoyed the free Firewalker content then you will be happy to know that you are given another chance to speed around in it. The outdoor area you use the Firewalker in is a beautiful rocky valley. The terrain is entertaining to ride around on and there are times when I stopped just to look around (indeed you are encouraged to). However outside of this the levels appear to be recycled from other parts of the game and this goes especially for the volcanic area in the Firewalker DLC.

The mission itself has Shepard out to stop a rogue AI which will sound extremely familiar since there was a similar mission in the original. This time around the mission is more robust and includes a boss battle that I won’t spoil. Apart from this, there are a few goodies to collect which unfortunately doesn’t include any new clothing or weaponry and you get more of that fun cover based combat.

My major complaint with this and indeed all the Mass Effect DLC so far is the failure to utilise the potential it has. Both Overlord and the Kasumi missions do not add anything significant to the story or even hint at anything that we might see in Mass Effect 3. The DLC for Mass Effect was also disappointing because they could have made something that really bridged 1 and 2. I’ll no doubt keep handing over money for the DLC but what I would really like to see is something that will lead towards Mass Effect 3. These little missions are fun but no one could say that their absence would be noticeable.

So if you are like me and just have to get everything to do with Mass Effect then you probably already have this. For everyone else, it doesn’t add enough to be worth it and indeed none of the non-free DLC has so far.

Let’s start looking at that Reaper problem again.

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